Jeremy P Bushnell

Other Projects

Notes Minus Context

Notes Minus Context

Fragments from my note index, tweeted without context. When I'm in an academic mode I'll describe this as a "semi-autonomous poetic practice," but anybody who's a fan of cryptic phrases and unexpected words should enjoy it.

Cinema Without People

Cinema Without People

A film Tumblr, made with love, for introverts. I also do a more general-interest film Tumblr, screenshottery.



Inevitable is a tabletop game set in a slapstick dystopian future, released in 2010 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It's designed to provide 2-6 players with a good couple hours of entertainment, danger, violence, betrayal, mayhem, and laughs. It got a generous write-up at io9. Initially it was produced in an edition of 500, and I have a few left for sale.

The Insides

Number None

From 2001-2007 I performed in the drone/noise band Number None. We used a broad variety of sound sources (guitar, harmonium, thrift-store keyboards, analog electronics, flutes & whistles, Tibetan singing bowls, field recordings, mangled vinyl, digital fuckery, effects pedals, and feedback loops) to create terrifying noiseworks and spacious droneworks. Between 2002-2007 we released four albums through our own Rebis imprint, a split with Family Battle Snake on State Sanctioned Recordings, a 3" CD-R on New American Folk Hero, and cassette releases on Sloow Tapes, Gold Soundz, and Land of Decay. More recently, we've posted two albums of previously unreleased material on Bandcamp (Edison ∴ Orison and Wrong Axon Fog). A selection of tracks from our earlier releases can be streamed through Soundcloud.

Wikipedian Tag

A game which uses the vast, super-complicated structure of Wikipedia as a play space, an environment through which one player chases another. I like to think of it as a kind of competitive parkour through the architecture of all human knowledge, but calling it "tag" is a little simpler. (2009)


A fast-paced word-building video game I designed with Dave Evans of Hybrid Mind Studios. (2009)


A challenging spatial navigation/resource management video game I designed with Dave Evans of Hybrid Mind Studios. (2009)